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Me and my human feline assistant

Welcome to my personal website!

Enrico, 30 years old, chaotic good, yoroshiku (夜露死苦)1.

I am a computer scientist born and raised in Italy, nestled in the Dolomites: the famous UNESCO World Heritage mountains.

At work, I am a bit of a developer and a bit of a sysadmin, and I turn coffee into solutions and other byproducts2.

In my spare time, I do pretty much the same things I do at work, plus I like to exercise free-body, run, read, listen to music, and be a cat doorman.

IT #

As a true “mountain algorithm”, I enjoy climbing the highest peaks and tackling the most complex and challenging programming problems (hear how good that sounds).

I find satisfaction in solving code puzzles as if they were intricate paths, and when I manage to find the right solution, it’s like reaching the top of a towering mountain (actually, it’s often more like investigating a murder case where I myself am the culprit).

I use these programming languages at work and in my spare time:

  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Bash
  • A random mixture of PHP, Python and C

I’m also studying Go and Rust!

Reading #

Although my passion for programming occupies most of my days, I also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge that I quench in reading.

I am fascinated by the great classics, those literary masterpieces that have stood the test of time and offer a unique perspective on the human condition. I immerse myself with pleasure in non-fiction, which offers me the opportunity to explore fascinating topics and deepen my knowledge in various fields. I also enjoy science books and articles, which open the door to a universe of discoveries and knowledge beyond our everyday lives.

Finally, satire has a special place in my heart, as it gives me laughter and an ironic reflection on society and its idiosyncrasies.

Music #

In addition to my passion for programming and reading, there is a world of music that I am passionate about and that manages to “transport the mind to another plane.” I am a great lover of rock, metal, black metal and all those genres that stand out for their power and the unique atmosphere they can create (psychedelic/cinematic).

Recently, Spotify labeled me as a lover of “patient spectral,” although I must admit that the exact meaning of this definition still remains an intriguing mystery.

This website #

On my personal site, I would like to share with you my passion for programming, reading, music; tell you about my experiences and, why not, exchange some bad jokes.

Please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message: in the vast virtual world, we are all connected by a simple click.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my site and hope you will find inspiration and a hint of mirth among my ramblings.

  1. I could not fail to mention the mythical Eikichi Onizuka:
    “Eikichi Onizuka 22 years old, teacher, single, yoroshiku!”
    The ideograms of the word “pleasure” (夜露死苦?), taken individually, can also mean “painful death in the night dew” ↩︎

  2. 💩 ↩︎